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September Donation Program Recipient

Congratulations to the Downtown Pittsfield Farmers Market

September 2016 Donation Recipient Organization

With 62 votes (just over 44%), the Downtown Pittsfield Farmers Market has been selected through our Facebook community as the recipient of the Farmers are Cool donation program for September.

The Downtown Pittsfield Farmers Market will receive a donation for the amount of 5% of total Farmers are Cool retail sales for the month of September 2016.

To help, please check out the Farmers are Cool Gear page to see the variety of ways we celebrate farmers through apparel and other goods.

Thank you so much!

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“I believe that my farm will go on”

With the title of this post, I’m sorry to call to mind a blockbuster movie from the late 1990’s that has a ship and Kate Winslet in it, but a Bangor Daily News article about the longevity of farms captured my attention.

“How 2 Maine farmers are ensuring their farm will live on”

Having a farm in my family makes me wonder what will happen when the years take their physical toll on my father and mother, and they are no longer able to sustain the farm.  Though I come from a lineage of green-thumbs, none of my fingers even are green, so being a part of the next wave of farmers is not going to happen for me.

I was thrilled to learn of the non-profit that was a resource for this pair of Maine farmers and hope that more of these networks exist in the future. It would be a shame for every farmer to have to start from scratch.




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Get this summer started!

Farmers in the northeast may tell you these days that spring has been slow and growth is behind by several weeks.  Yesterday, it was snowing in NH! Hard to think that Memorial Day weekend is next week.

Here is just a sampling of our spring/summer gear, including the Ladies scoop neck, Farm hand t-shirt, ladies tank, and Who’s Your Farmer tee (imprint is actually on the back). All tees are 100% organic cotton or a blend including organic cotton.

We carry 2XL and 3XL sizes for our Who’s Your Farmer shirts.

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The 5+ feet of snow that we’ve experienced since January has me thinking of SPRING! I just know it’s coming, but yet, have to be so patient.

One of the fun things that has me keeping my upbeat attitude is the Winter Farmers Market at Mahoney’s Garden Center in Winchester, MA. At least there (in a large greenhouse that just smells like spring) I can catch up with some of my favorite farmers, including my parents from @WhiteGatesFarm (Tamworth, NH).




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Refreshing farm visit

This week on a trip to NH with my two daughters, it was time to get outside and visit a farm – so we stopped by Picnic Rock Farms in Meredith, NH.  Their farm stand has such a cozy feeling – unique crafts and gifts warm the extremities while delicious baked goods and fresh vegetables entice the eyes.  Plus, they carry a selection of our organic t-shirts and mugs. 

Emily, wearing a Farmers are Cool scoop neck, is picking herbs in the back. She also bakes, handles the register and farm stand, and does her fair share of a multitude of other important farm chores and jobs.  We were lucky to catch her on the go in between her various posts. 


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Thinking of Boston

Just so pleased today to see marathoners cross the finish line in the 2014 Boston Marathon!  I can only imagine what it feels like to a runner who was stopped short on the course last year, after training for so many grueling months, now being able to accomplish their goal. 

Congratulations to all of the inspiring runners today!  Maybe someday I will be among you crossing that finish line. 



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