Our Story

Celebrate Farmers. Support Agriculture. 

In the meantime, my name is Danica.  I’m in my mid-thirties and my husband and I have two  three young daughters.  We live near Boston, but I grew up in on a budding farm in N.H. and visit there very often.  My parents now own and runWhite Gates Farm in the small community of Tamworth.

I want to help out and be a better citizen.  As a youth, I started many informal clubs, including the MABPA (Make America a Better Place Association) where I’d encourage my friends to help me pick up trash on the side of the road.  It was short lived, but served as a memorable time in my life where I actually tried to make a difference.  I realized, that despite having a job and a family, there was still room in my life to grow – and I know the only way I can do that is by providing more value to other people through service and energy.

My intent for Farmers are Cool is real and purposeful.  I don’t ever want to hear about struggling farms!  This can’t be!  Let’s support these people and their very important livelihoods.  To be honest, I would love to elevate all small farmers, farmhands, and agricultural stewards to celebrity status in our communities. You’re a farmer? Farmers are Cool! Spread the word…

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3 Responses to Our Story

  1. leontien says:

    oh well i had to comment! I love the initative! and yes farmers are cool! esspecially MY farmer, haha!

    Thanks so much and if you have time:

    • Really appreciate you coming to visit Farmers are Cool’s site. Thank you! It was great to learn about your dairy farm a little. Super cool that you run the farm with your family – I love helping out what little I can at my parents’ farm. Good luck with everything and hope you will stop by again!

  2. Wendy Weiner says:

    Good for you! thanks for finding me out here in cyberspace. At the Front Yard Farmer we are getting people to utilize the dirt around their homes to make the world a better place by; relocalizing, eating food low on the food chain, making better homes for worms to do their business and of course to grow some kick-ass good vegetables and fruits so people can feed themselves. Growing your own food is a powerful act, this is the first place where we can take back control over what we eat, right in our own yards!!!!!!

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