“I believe that my farm will go on”

With the title of this post, I’m sorry to call to mind a blockbuster movie from the late 1990’s that has a ship and Kate Winslet in it, but a Bangor Daily News article about the longevity of farms captured my attention.

“How 2 Maine farmers are ensuring their farm will live on”

Having a farm in my family makes me wonder what will happen when the years take their physical toll on my father and mother, and they are no longer able to sustain the farm.  Though I come from a lineage of green-thumbs, none of my fingers even are green, so being a part of the next wave of farmers is not going to happen for me.

I was thrilled to learn of the non-profit that was a resource for this pair of Maine farmers and hope that more of these networks exist in the future. It would be a shame for every farmer to have to start from scratch.




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