Cool Farmers

White Gates Farmer

Here are some very cool farmers we’ve come across through the years, but there are so many more to add!

JKgoodthymefarm @JKgoodthymefarm and on Instagram

Michael Kilpatrick of Kilpatrick Family Farm

Muriel Olivares of Little River CSA (suggested by Broadfork Farm)

Shannon Jones and Bryan Dyck of Broadfork Farm

photo courtesy of Broadfork Farm, New Germany, Nova Scotia

There’s also the farmer who originally inspired me, Hank Letarte of White Gates Farm.

In addition, I’ve come across some blogs that provide a glimpse into the life of a real farmer, like The Farmers Life!

Know a cool farmer? I’d love to feature some farmers on here, complete with their photos!

Please email me at about a farmer you know.


3 Responses to Cool Farmers

  1. Great site! More people need to know how cool farmers are. I feel so lucky to have access to over 100 crops to cook from on the farm. Look forward to seeing your site “grow”!

    • Thank you Todd for visiting and commenting on our site. It’s awesome that you already know how cool farmers are and can experience a farm life first-hand. Wilson’s is a great place and I am so happy that farms like Wilson’s are so close and accessible. Please visit again!

  2. Carol Pleake says:

    We appreciate farmer’s, especially “cool” ones. We LOVE Bolthouse Farms! 🙂 ❤

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