Finally a cover I can appreciate

Just got my October of Entrepreneur Magazine and it’s not about some frat boys who just got a loan from their parents to start a business that’s now getting national attention. No – it’s about FARM-TO-TABLE!

Time for me to celebrate. Farmers are Cool!

If I could change one thing about the cover, it would be showcasing an actual farmer as opposed to an investor and restaurant owner (Note – I have to still read the entire article so perhaps the gentleman on the cover really does his own farming, but I do not see that mentioned on the cover).

I understand that chefs and restaurant owners are cool and in-style, but to me, farmers are the real heroes in these types of stories. Farmers are Cool was started to help farmers and raise awareness about farming, illuminating that cool factor that farm fans understand.

I’m tired and my eyes are shutting and I’m not using perfect English.

Thank you for reading.

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