September will be a nice month

It’s a bit of a bummer when I think that the summer will be wrapping up soon, but on a positive side, I know that there’ll still be cool farmers everywhere doing their thing.

Farmers’ markets running late into fall, and then winter farmers’ markets starting up gives me hope for a year full of friendly farmer faces.

September is going to be a great month – and thanks to our Facebook fans, we’ve got some wonderful organizations nominated to be potential recipients of our 10% donation for the month.

Please read up on the following organizations (in no particula order) and cast your vote on our Facebook page, (it’s set up as a “question”) starting tomorrow, August 26, at 7 am EST.  Voting will last through Monday evening, August 29 at 9 pm EST.

Don’t see your favorite farming/sustainable agriculture/education organization listed? Each month, we’ll ask our Facebook fans to nominate, so please check back in early September. Each organization is eligible to receive the 10% donation once every 6 months.  Thank you so much for your interest!




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