Who will get 10% in July?

Every month, Farmers are Cool gives 10% of our total sales (not just profits) to a different non-profit in the sustainable agriculture, farming, gardening, or sustainable educational field.  It’s a way for sales of Farmers are Cool t-shirts to do more than just be wearable; they actually are helping support American and Canadian organizations at the same time.

The nominees for our 10% donation program in July are:
Rural Vermont
Farmers Market Coalition
Remick Farm & Museum (From my hometown!)
Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition
Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network (ACORN)

You can read up about the organizations by clicking on the links above, and then head on over to our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/farmersarecool to place your vote in our “question” by this Thursday, June 30, at 10 PM Eastern Standard Time. (guess that makes it 11 PM in places like Nova Scotia, and only 7 PM in California).

We’ll announce the winning organization on Friday.

Each organization has a chance to win once every 6 months, so if your favorite does not get chosen this month, you can put them back into the pool again by nominating them.  Nominations are typically accepted between the 1st and the 15th of every month, depending on how many we get.  We limit the nominations to five every month.

Sales have been pretty good, but I can’t wait to the day when the donation is getting into the hundreds or thousands of dollars every month. I’m sure that day will come, and it’s all because of you and the energy you bring to the table toward this celebration of farmers.

Thank you!

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