The nominations are in!

We’re already in our second month at Farmers are Cool, which is hard to believe.  Support for our shirts has been great, and what’s even better is that people have enjoyed wearing their shirts!

The cool thing is that the more shirts that we sell, the more money that gets donated back to some wonderful organizations.  Last month, The Growing Project in Fort Collins, CO received 10% of our sales (which in the first month was about $25.00).  This month the Madison Area CSA Coalition is our recipient.  Hoping to grow month by month, I can see a day where monthly donations equal in the hundreds.  Maybe that means more plants for a community garden, or supplies for a new farmers market cart.

You have a chance to both nominate and VOTE for your favorite organization, all on our fan page at

For June, our nominated organizations are:

1.) The Trustees of Reservations

2.) Everdale Organic Farm and Environmental Learning Center

3.) Leave it Better

4.) Mass Farmers Markets

Voting will start on Saturday, May 21, and last through Friday, May 27, where we’ll then announce the winner.

Don’t worry if your organization didn’t get chosen this month.  You can nominate them each month until they win.  Organizations can win a maximum of once every 6 consecutive months.

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