What’s that # sign for?

What does the # sign mean in the #smallfarm t-shirt design?

It does require explaining and I apologize that it has confused people who are unfamiliar with Twitter.

When I first started using Twitter to do some research on farming, I found that many of the people talking about farms were using this thing called a “Hashtag.” It’s a way for you to categorize all of your posts so that other people searching for your subject can find it.

Therefore, many of the posts I was reading also included the #smallfarm hashtag at the end.  I thought that creating the #smallfarm tshirt as the first shirt of the Farmers are Cool apparel line would be a nice way to bring the online community offline.  Picture someone wearing one of these t-shirts at a farmers’ market – it’s bound to get some questions.

There are new shirts coming out with different “slogans” on them.  You’ll still be able to support Farmers are Cool with some other great designs if the #smallfarm tee is not for you.  Please check the ORDERING page for more details – pre-orders for the Farmers are Cool tees will be accepted.


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