Hello world!

Good evening!

Welcome to Farmers are Cool! A place where we can celebrate small farmers and what they mean to our health and our families.

Whatever your reason for eating local, without the farmer, it would be impossible.

Maybe you are the farmer or a gardener. We celebrate you too!

My name is Danica and I just wanted to do something positive with my free time.  My father runs a small farm and I am so proud of him, and I just know that we need to do all we can to support others like him. If you’ve never worked on a farm, you may not know how much goes into it – especially in colder climates where winter can really take its toll.

Thank you so much for visiting this website.  The product line may evolve (and improve), but our commitment to providing excellent customer service will never change.

  1. Shirts will always be out of organic cotton, recycled material, or bamboo.
  2. We provide free shipping within the continental U.S. for all orders.
  3. You may reach us with any concerns – 100% satisfaction is key. For the time being, please send emails to sosiemedia@gmail.com or call (781) 771-7722.
  4. We’ll ask your feedback on new products, pricing, features and more! How many companies value your honest opinion and shape products based on what you’re asking for?
  5. 5-10% of total sales will go to an organization that promotes sustainable farming, provides education, and helps small farmers and farms succeed. A new organization will be chosen monthly by our Facebook fans and will be allowed to be considered not more than once every 6 months.
  6. Thank you!  We’re forever grateful for this opportunity to celebrate the farmer with you in whatever way we can!
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